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How to Install Android SDK and ADB Drivers for HTC Evo 4G

Before you can begin hacking your HTC Evo 4G, you will first want to install the Android SDK and ADB drivers for HTC Evo 4G, so you have all the tools needed for hacking and also your computer recognizes your HTC Evo 4G correctly.

So, let’s get started, it’s not that hard.

First, download the appropriate Android SDK for your platform. (Windows, Mac, or Linux)

Also, you will need Java running on your computer. If you don’t have Java installed, go to and install the appropriate Java for your platform (not browser!).

Once you’ve downloaded the Android SDK, unzip it into a directory you can remember such as c:\SDK (for Windows).

Run SDK Setup.exe (for Windows, others should be similar), and you will get an option to install the Android SDK.

Once the SDK Setup starts, select Available Packages and check off on the respository.xml and you should see a bunch of options to install.

Select just “SDK Platform for Android 2.1? and “Usb Driver package”

If you get an error message with something about HTTPS, you can check out “Force https:// … using http://” under Settings and try the above step again.
Once you’ve got the two stuff installed, you are almost done, just close the SDK Setup program.

Next, we need to install ADB drivers so your computer can talk to your HTC Evo 4G.

How to Install ADB Drivers for HTC Evo 4G! (Windows Only)
Before you can install ADB drivers, you need to put your HTC Evo 4G into “recovery” mode, otherwise your computer won’t recognize your phone as an “ADB” device, which we want.

*Note: I believe Mac users can actually skip this step, ADB drivers just work on the Macs. Not sure about linux, let me try it on my Ubuntu and will update this post later.

So, first turn off your HTC Evo 4G then hit the power button WHILE holding down the volume down button.

Wait for like 5 seconds.

Using the Volume buttons, select “Recovery” then hit the power button.

Shortly, you should see your HTC Evo 4G displaying something.(Congrats, you’ve just learned to put your HTC Evo 4G into “recovery mode”.)

(Optional) There’s another way to put it in ADB recovery mode using ADB command itself but my method is simpler and better, also works if you don’t have it connected to your computer.

Okay, now your HTC Evo 4G is in recovery mode, simply plug it to your computer via USB cable.

For Windows, your computer should recognize it as an “ADB device” like shown here: (Under Control Panel->Device Manager)

Double click on “ADB” then click on “Update Driver”.

Next, select “Browse my computer for driver software”.

Next, choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

Choose “Mobile devices”.

Choose “Have Disk” and browse to the folder where you installed SDK, where the USB driver lies. (e.g. c:\SDK\usb_driver)

You should be able to now have ADB installed.

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