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Getting ADB running on your Windows machine

About: Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a versatile tool that lets you manage the state of a device or emulator.
Some of ways you can use adb include:
Run shell commands on a device
Manage port forwarding on an emulator or device
Copy files to/from an emulator or device

from google at http://code.google.com/android/reference/adb.html

Installation is very simple if you are running a machine on windows using a 32 bit operating system
(if you are on a 64 bit operatiing system, we’ll address that also.)

The first you need to do is download two files.
1. the android sdk (or android software development kit) if you already have this unzipped you can skip this step.
it can be found here
this will be downloaded in zip format. You will need to unzip this.
I recommend you unzip this in a location that is easy to find through a command line; i.e.
C:Users\public\android_sdk_windows (I even renamed the sdk folder to just sdk to make it easier)

2. Android USB Drivers. if you have a 64bit os, go to the bottom of this page on getting the 64 bit version.
which can be found here
you should see a link for android_usb_windows.zip
You will need to unzip these files also, just remember where.

Plug your phone into your computer, go ahead and mount your phone
if you get a device hardware manager click install drivers later, if you don’t see the device hardware manager
continue on.
You will need to go into the control panel, in the start menu, and find device manager. Open the device manager
and you should see a listing of devices. Under portable devices you should see your phone. right click on the
phone and click update drivers or install drivers. choose the option to install manually and point it towards
the location where you unzipped the file android usb windows. click finish/install.

If that installed correctly, you will need to open a terminal window. do this by typing


into the start seach bar in the start menu. this should open a terminal.
now you will have to change the directory to the tools folder in your android sdk folder
this is done by typing

cd <the path to where you stored the sdk>

for example mine is
cd C:\Users\family\sdk\tools

if it changes successfully
C:\Users\family\sdk\tools> or the path you have your folder at
you can type

adb devices

if it shoes something like
list of devices attached
HT84******* device

you have successfully installed ADB


You still need to download and unzip the android sdk as mentioned above
however you need to get a modified usb driver for windows, get it here


the adb driver will only run in test signing mode (you can turn this off when you don’t need it. however turning it
on does require a reboot)
you will need to open an admin terminal, which can be done by typing cmd in the command prompt but instead of hitting
enter, Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. there you will need to type

bcdedit /set testsigning on

(also typing

bcdedit /set testsigning off

in an admin terminal would be how to turn this off)
after typing bcdedit /set testsigning on
reboot the computer and check to see if it says test mode in the corners. if it does you can install
the usb drivers as done above in the second step.

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