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A first hand look at building an Android application

Dan Morrill builds a simple application on the Android platform. – Tim Layton walks you through how to get your computer setup for Android development. The steps are outlined on the blog at http Stay tuned for more lessons on

Android Froyo 2.2 on HTC HD2 (DOWNLOAD LINK HERE!)

* i am fucking sick and tired of ppl saying i cant “get to the point” i know that and i have fixed my “speech problems” in the other vids.. if you wanna comment on the fact that i cant “talk” make a response to the vid and lets see how good you can talk* *Sorry Guys I forgot you only need hardSPL for flashing a new rom, & not for this! ignore what i said about hard spl!* Im demonstrating how to get Android 2.2 Froyo on the Tmobile US HTC HD2 & sorry for the bad camera quality/focus issue *Those of you wondering what my wallpaper on the phone is its called “eboy” google it or look at […]

LG Optimus Pad Tablet-The first Android Pad

Article by Topgadgets The new Optimus Pad from LG is the introductory effort by the circle into the Automaton mart. It has a real swish and a chic visage due to the dispirited fatal excuse of the Pad. It is also rattling favorable to vigil 3D videos due to the glasses unrestricted communicate.The optimum features of this emblem are: * It has a 8.9 advance mite sort and a document of 1280×768 WXGA which is HD fit * It has Golem 3.0 and also a duple core processor of 1GHz Tegra 2 * It also has a twofold game protection camera which also enables very comforted recording chatting. * It is real simple to upload and purview videos from You […]